Discover How to Stop Playing it Safe
and Turn On Your Power!


In This Book I Reveal ….

Your “hidden” comfort zone!

How it’s your own “sticky feet” that holds you down not the glass ceiling!

How to “Plug” your power leaks!

The TEN Steps to achieve even the biggest goals – every time!

The “Stuff” that fear is made of!

The FOUR Confidence Blockers and how to overcome them!

The #1 Myth that is working against you!

The THREE “must haves” to be an effective leader of your life and others!

The real reason you can’t control your time!

What “Engine Warning” lights are and how they affect your power to choose!

How to improve your decision making abilities!

How to harness the Six Power Zone Principles™ to achieve your vision of success!

And much more….

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

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You need this book if…

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You wantto have more control over your time
and learn how to say “no” without guilt.

You hope to realize the unlimited boundaries of your
potential both personally and professionally.

You valueplaying bigger and want to stay
connected to
your passion and purpose.

You wishto regain your confidence
and make more powerful choices.

You desire to live purposefully and fulfilled
with less stress and more peace and joy.

You believe improved leadership skills will allow you
to do more inspiring and guiding and less pushing and pulling.

You seek the courage to pursue your goals, stop procrastinating
and show up as the powerful woman you know you are!

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Also loving getting stories from my male readers like this:

“A year ago an associate of mine who recommended Rene’s book – “Leaving Your Comfort Zone”. Even thought it appeared it was written to women I jumped in and was not disappointed. The book was life changing – it clearly showed me how I could leave my comfort zone and encounter my personal power zone. What she had to share was equally as applicable for men as for women – it was universal!” – Bill Littler

Not just a book but a proven step-by-step action guide!!

Packed with over one hundred strategies and my own personal and client success stories!

With the Six Power Zone Principles™

In This Book You’ll Discover

How To:

  • Take charge by becoming a “Driver” rather than a “Passenger” in your life

  • Break excuses and eliminate negative thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck at your current level
  • Keep your larger goals in sight and fulfill them, despite other daily demands
  • Avoid looking back on your life and saying, “I could have…” “I should have…,” or “I wish I would have…”
  • Stop second-guessing yourself and rely on your confidence in any situation
  • Quit piecing yourself out to everyone else’s wants and needs and start living as a newly empowered leader in ALL areas of your life


Plus – Bring your powerful self more fully into your professional life. Whether you act as an employee, independent agent, leader, entrepreneur or small business owner, I’ll show you how to play bigger in your career which will increase your opportunities for fulfillment, advancement and growth.

And so much more…!

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that
is less than
the one you are capable of living.“   – Nelson Mandela

Don’t waste any more of your life waiting for the perfect time, run out and make it perfect for you. With the steps in this book, you will know exactly how to do this. And you will have increased confidence, energy and trust in your ability to see your desires through. You can conquer, overcome or achieve whatever you have been putting off!

Invest in yourself -You’re Worth it!

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Don’t Delay!!

Become the Powerful Change Factor in Your Life!

P.S. >> This is NOT like other books that will inspire you but leaving you thinking – now what! That’s because I’ll show you with detailed step-by-step instructions how to turn your inspiration into powerful action.  You’ll get more than the return on your small investment!

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